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The first thing that you’ll notice when you visit us in person is how friendly, vibrant, and engaged in ministry we are.  Faith is important.  Love, grace, and forgiveness matter here.  Our love and faith overflow in Midland through our involvement in our schools, neighborhood, and community.
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Steven D. Knisley
CCM - Minister
This and That...
As I was reading through the book of Proverbs—as all of us were doing the month of August—I was reminded of what happened during a Wisdom Literature class that I took several years ago. The professor gave us an assignment to write our own proverb. We were supposed to share them with the class the next time we met. When the class came together we shared our wisdom. I can’t recall any of the proverbs—including mine—except one. The student named Scott was notorious for not completing his homework assignments and, as normal, he forgot this assignment. Several of us watched as he fidgeted about in his chair, scratched his head, and began to panic as his turn approached. The professor called on him, “Scott”, he said, “lets hear your proverb. What wisdom do you have to share with the class?” There was an awkward silence as the class stared at him. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to him but was in reality a few seconds, he said the only proverb I remember from my classmates. He said, “He who does not study has nothing important to say.” I think that is brilliant. It has stuck with me for years.
Let me ask you if you think that’s true? If you are an attorney but don’t study the law do you have anything important to say about the law? If you are an engineer, a teacher, a doctor, a mechanic, a ... well you name it. If you don’t study, chances are you don’t have anything important to say.
If that is true in our professions, then can it be true in regards to our faith? Again, I believe that the answer is, yes, it's true. I believe that the Apostle Paul charged a young minister by the name of Timothy to “study to show thyself approved unto God,...rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15 KJV) A better translation of that verse is, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved … rightly handling the word of truth.” (R.S.V.)
Several times in the Scriptures we are told to study, meditate, think on, devote ourselves to the apostles doctrine, and hide His word in our hearts. The Bereans were thought of highly by God because of their study of the word. May we all be Berean.
I want to encourage you to get involved in one of our Bible Studies. We have several to choose from and we have several planned. We believe that Bible Study will motivate us to become the hands and feet of Jesus. 
Maybe Scott was right. What do you think?