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Steven D. Knisley
CCM - Minister
This and That...
Is bigger always better? I thought of that as I read through the book of Acts recently. We read that the church started with about 120 people praying in an upper room. After ten days of praying the Holy Spirit came in power on the Day of Pentecost. After the first day we read that about 3000 people believed and were baptized. That’s big—especially after one day! We soon read that people were added to the church on a daily basis. There were 5,000 men—not counting women and children who were old enough to respond. The church went from counting to multiplying. The church was big. Then it happened. The church was scattered. Everyone but the apostles left Jerusalem. They left with a purpose—they preached the good news of Jesus.
Then, with a strange twist in the story, we focus—not on an apostle—but on a preacher named Philip. He had a successful ministry in Samaria. His ministry was so successful that the apostles Peter and John visited him. After their visit the story takes another strange turn—an angel of the Lord tells Philip to go to Gaza. Go to Gaza! Philip has a successful ministry in Samaria and God tells him to leave? Philip was the man in Samaria. I mean he humbled a sorcerer—a famous sorcerer in Samaria. The sorcerer followed Philip around amazed at Philips ministry. For whatever reason God said to Philip, “Take the desert road to Gaza.”
Gaza was and is not a great place. Samaria was bad enough—especially compared to Jerusalem—and now God told this well known, faithful, powerful preacher to leave Samaria and go to the desolate place called Gaza. Gaza was a stopping off point when people traveled to and from Egypt and Israel. Desolate doesn't begin to describe Gaza. Gaza makes Jal look like a thriving metropolis! What amazes me is that Philip obeys—without question. As he started out he met someone—an Ethiopian Eunuch. This man is one of the most amazing characters in all of the scriptures. He is important—but like most minor characters in the Bible we skim over his story. We might learn a little more about him in our Bible Study on Sunday morning. You are welcome to join us. He amazes me.
Back to Philip. Philip obeyed the angel and then the Holy Spirit spoke to him. Philip wasn’t shocked, Philip listened. After the Holy Spirit told Philip what to do, Philip obeyed. He didn’t take his time, the story says that Philip “ran” to the chariot. You know the rest of the story—I hope. If you don’t then I encourage you to read Acts chapter eight. After this story we don’t hear much about Philip anymore (I know that he has four daughters that prophesy).
What I find amazing is that Philip went from bigger to smaller and it didn’t seem to bother him. He was one of the seven in a high church. He was the most popular preacher in Samaria—but that church was not as big as the Jerusalem church. Then Philip ministers to one person—the Ethiopian. What faith!
May we be like Philip and listen to God.