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Steven D. Knisley
CCM – Minister
This and That…
I have been meeting with a man. I will call him Joe even though that is not his real name – to talk about Christ and the Bible. Joe is a nice man, an educated man, and a curious man. Joe, like so many people today, reads the Bible like all of scripture points to today. Please don’t get me wrong, I believe that scripture applies to us today. However, I don’t think that all of God’s writing points just to 21st Century America. Think about that for a minute. If all of the scripture points only to us today, that implies that God’s main concern was or is only for us. Didn’t God care for all the people who lived before us? The answer is, “Of course He did!”
Recently Joe and I were talking about Biblical prophecy – a subject that fascinates him. I asked Joe what prophecy meant and he gave the answer that most people give. He said, “Prophecy predicts the future.” I replied, “That’s true, but prophecy has two meanings- one is predictive and the second is proclamation – which explains how God desires His people to live now.” I further explained that the context of the passage will determine if prophecy is predictive or proclamation. Joe said that made sense but insisted that most prophecy is predicting the future. I asked him if he had read the prophecy passages in scripture and he replied, “No.” I challenged him to read them. Joe challenged me by asking, “ Have you read all the prophecy passages?” I said, “Yes.” (Thank you Dr. Girdwood for having us do that several years ago).
Joe then asked me what I found out by reading the passages. “Well”, I said, “I was shocked because I thought that prophecy meant prediction until I studied the passages. I revealed to him what I found out by studying the Bible. It’s revolutionary. I don’t think Joe bought what I told him about prophecy. He stated that his sources teach that prophecy points to now. “What sources?” I asked. Joe told me of the books that he was reading and each book was an author writing about the Bible.
That conversation caused a light to go on in my mind. I think I figured out one hurdle in Bible Study. The hurdle is that most of our primary sources are books about the Bible and not the Bible itself! I have my favorite Bible scholars and I consult them regularly, but only after I consult the Bible. Please, CCM, do the same.
I think I will encourage Joe to do the same thing. Oh, you want to know what I discovered when I read/studied all the prophecy passages? It’s interesting. It’s revolutionary. It will change your whole approach to Bible reading and understanding. Do you really want to know? Come to a Bible Study and we will talk about it. Better yet, why don’t you read the passages from the Bible.
See You Sunday – With a Friend,