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The first thing that you’ll notice when you visit us in person is how friendly, vibrant, and engaged in ministry we are.  Faith is important.  Love, grace, and forgiveness matter here.  Our love and faith overflow in Midland through our involvement in our schools, neighborhood, and community.
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Steven D. Knisley
CCM - Minister
This and That...
This month we will have our annual Faith Promise Sunday. You may have noticed that we have presented Faith Promise in various forms including videos, articles, and testimonies. Faith Promise is our way of supporting many of the missionaries that we have come to know. Some of you know Faith Promise well while others of you are not familiar with the concept of Faith Promise. The ultimate question may be, “Why is there a need for Faith Promise?” The need is for world evangelism (that is Christ’s Commission to us).
Faith Promise is important because—as many have noted— Christianity is one generation from extinction. That shouldn’t surprise us. Faith, genuine faith in God, is always one generation from extension. Almost from the beginning faith has been under pressure. Our current Sunday Bible Study has focused on some obscure Bible Characters. Several of the characters that we have studied began in godly families; however, something happened that made them rebel against God.
For example, Nimrod was Noah’s grandson and he rebelled—in fact his name means “we rebel.” One would have to imagine that he heard from his father, Ham, first hand accounts of the Flood Story. I can imagine that he sat, with his family, around the supper table and listened to his father recount the stories about being on the Ark for over a year. He may have listened to Noah recount many stories. He heard the stories and rebelled. That’s amazing to me.
Moses' grandson, Jonathan, a Levite, abandoned true worship of God. Think about that! Moses' grandson disregarded the Law! Again, that amazes me. If these grandchildren can abandon faith and rebel against God, how important do you think it is for us to continue to share Christ and His ways with our children and grandchildren?
These two, Nimrod and Jonathan, are examples of those who rejected God. However, there are several characters who embraced faith, that were not Jewish, but were foreigners. Foreign people who never heard of the God of Israel, Christ, or the Holy Scriptures embrace the message. Think about Rahab, Ruth, the Centurion, the Eunich, etc.—all foreigners who embrace faith.
Faith Promise could be two fold: First, we send money to missionaries so that the foreigners can embrace faith. Second, we faithfully teach our children and grandchildren so that our generation will not be the last Christian Generation. Think and pray about Faith Promise.