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Steven D. Knisley
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The Preacher’s Pen

It is good to take a break from the pressures and demands of this life. Some cultures call it a holiday, others call it a rest, we call it a vacation. Vacations are biblical – you can find them in scripture. In scripture they are called by a different name – they are called festivals. What is amazing is that God required all of Israel to observe three of them each year. God designed us – so I think that He knows what we need more than we do!
In our culture vacations have changed. In the past, most vacations took place twice each year. The first one was usually around the fourth of July. That was when most factories would shut down for two reasons: to complete maintenance on their machines and to give their employees a chance to spend time with their families. The second vacation period occurred during Christmas/New Years holidays. Again, this allowed time for maintenance and employee refueling.
During that period of time most families looked forward – with excitement – to the summer and winter vacations. I don’t have to tell you that times have changed – some changes are good. I like technology, indoor plumbing, air conditioning and things like that. However, some changes are not so good. For example, the vacations that I just mentioned – they are often the goal of families. Many families stay on a perpetual vacation.
Your preacher is not immune from this challenge. Lisa and I returned from our vacation – one that we enjoyed – and we started talking about taking our next vacation. Please, don’t get me wrong, it is not wrong to plan for and look forward to vacations.
I think that our challenge is to not make our vacation and time off the primary goal of this life. 
I guess times have changed. My parents and grandparents focused on providing a home for their family, food and clothing for their children, and all along they trusted that God would provide – and He did. They planned for vacations – but that was not the top of the list.
The bottom line of this rant is this – enjoy your vacations, thank God for them, but don’t make the pleasures of this world your/our primary goal. Seek to please God first and then He promises that He will add all that we need. By the way, God is a loving Father who loves His children and He likes to see us having fun. So enjoy some time off, and when you are back in Midland, I’ll see you on Sunday with a friend that you want to meet your Father.
See You Sunday with a friend