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Welcome to the Christian Church of Midland’s website.  Look around.  You’ll notice several articles, links, and pages.  After you’ve finished your online visit, I hope you’ll give us the opportunity to meet you personally.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you visit us in person is how friendly, vibrant, and engaged in ministry we are.  Faith is important.  Love, grace, and forgiveness matter here.  Our love and faith overflow in Midland through our involvement in our schools, neighborhood, and community.

Thank you for visiting our website.  I look forward to meeting you soon.

Steven D. Knisley
CCM – Minister
This and That…
How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution? No, not the one where we declared that we were going to eat better and exercise – if you are like me you quit making those resolutions years ago. I mean the resolution, promise, or whatever you want to call it to become healthier spiritually. Last month I wrote that CCM is going to provide us with opportunities to get a little more spiritually fit. The desire is to help us grow in three areas: 1) We desire to become better Bible readers, 2) We desire to become better prayers, and 3) We desire to become better at inviting. 
I think that those are three great goals for 2019, don’t you? I know that I can improve in all of those areas. Can you? I think that we have started this year, with great opportunities (opportunities that God provided). A great example is the opportunities for prayer. We had great participation in our Prayer Vigil. The vigil was designed to teach us to pray and challenge us to pray for specific things. If you missed this one we are planning another one around Easter – it will be different from the most recent one. We also have a weekly prayer request that is printed in the weekly bulletin. We are also praying for The One person that God wants us to minister to this year. We have been asked to set our alarms to 3:16 p.m. as a reminder to pray.
I also want you to think about Bible Studies. We have some good, no great , Bible Studies on Sunday mornings, Tuesday Mornings, and Wednesday evenings. I encourage you to make at least one of them – you will be glad that you did. We have several new children’s teachers who are stepping up to minister – Thank you. Most volunteer teachers will say that they grew more spiritually when they studied to prepare lessons than any other time in their Christian walk.
Let’s not forget about evangelism – which is basically talking with someone about Jesus. All of us have been challenged to ask God who He wants us to reach out to this year. By the way, bring your card to church services on Sunday, February 10th. We have something special planned – I think that you will like.
Speaking of inviting, I witnessed one of our church members invite a stranger to attend church services and/or a Bible Study. I was impressed. Four of us met for lunch here in Midland. This church member was kind and gracious to our waitress – a young lady about twenty five years old. The waitress was working hard for us – it did not go unnoticed by this church member, who complimented our waitress for the job she had done, and then, the church member politely invited the waitress to church. The waitress who had a big smile – smiled bigger as our church member took a little more interest in her. I don’t know if the waitress will show up or not – I hope so. I do know that when the waitress thinks of spiritual things she will remember the invitation. Great job and way to go G.P. 
See you Sunday with a friend,