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Steven D. Knisley
CCM – Minister
The Preacher’s Pen
I can’t believe it, can you? School is out for the summer. The kids are cheering. The parents – a lot of them anyway – are crying. Summer – for most children – is a time to stay up late, swim, ride bikes, play, and the list is as big as a child’s imagination. Do you have fond memories of summertime as a child? I do. I’m not sure how mom did it with eight children and a full time job, but she did. She kept us busy and, most important to her, she kept us out of trouble – mostly.
When I was a child I didn’t go to church camp. The church I attended didn’t believe in church camps. If we had, I doubt that mom could afford to send us. My friends and I had our own kind of camp. Those camps bring back fond memories. I’m smiling now – even as I write this article – thinking about “our camps.” One of my favorite summer events, was swimming. They were events and not activities. We didn’t swim at the beach or in a pool – no – we swam at the creek. Rattlesnake Creek to be exact. I swam there my whole life and even went there a couple of times when I was home on leave. Funny place Rattlesnake Creek – funny because I never did see a rattlesnake – copperheads on occasion but never a rattlesnake.
The best memories are the summer evenings after bailing hay. We’d head down to the “Big Hole” – the best place to swim. We had ropes and cliffs and sandy bottoms, waiting for us. We were sunburned and had hay cuts on our arms but that water was – it was – cold! But it was refreshing. We would horse around, jump off the cliffs, use the ropes to swing out over the water and flip into it. We had fun until they came. When they came, well, we got serious. To be honest we didn’t notice them until we got a little older. Then we noticed them. We prayed they would notice us; but that’s another story for another time.
I have so many fond memories of summer that bring a smile to my face. I’m sure you do as well. Let me ask you one question and I’d like you to answer it honestly. During communion do you have any fond memories of your walk with Christ that brings a smile to your face? I lied. I’m going to ask you a couple of more questions. Do you ever smile during communion? If not, then why don’t you? I suspect that God smiles when His children are eating with Him. I smile when I eat with my family – don’t you?
See you Sunday with a Friend!