Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 a.m.

Location: The Parlor
Instructor: Jim O’Banion
“Free to Live for Christ”
Legalism verses Grace.. It has always been a struggle.
Come and learn to be set free by the Grace
of Christ.

Location: The Sanctuary
Instructor: Steve Knisley
Selected topics from the class. We will study a variety of topics,
subjects, and characters that haveinterested and/or puzzled us. We still have room for you
Beginning Sunday, March 4
Location:  The Santuary
Instructor:  Steve Knisley
Isaiah is referred to about 250 times in the New Testament. 
He has one of the most amazing stories to tell - a unique call to service,
walking around "stripped and barefoot for three years",
speaking to kings and paupers, and proclaiming hope. 
Come and join us on this amazing journey that sounds like our journey.
Ages 3-5 - Jesus and Me
Location: Heritage Annex,
Leader: Kay Soderstrom

1-3 grade - Life of Jesus
Location: Room 4,
Leader: Sue O’Banion

4-6 grade - God’s Care for Us
Location: Room 5,
Leader: Meghan O’Banion 

Jr. High and High School
Location: Room 2,