Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 a.m.

Location: The Parlor
Instructor: Jim O’Banion
A young church in a big, pagan city, the Corinthian Christians faced challenges to their faith at every turn. Social pressure, temptations of the old lifestyle, conflict with fellow Christians, and cultural beliefs that impacted the church. Let’s study how we face the same challenges and how we can overcome them today.
Dates: April 23—June 18
Location: The Sanctuary
Instructor: Steve Knisley
Visions, Statues, Kingdoms, Diets, Captivity, Writing on the Wall...what a strange book. We will study the themes of this book and—most importantly– what this means to us today.
Ages 3-5 - Jesus and Me
Location: Heritage Annex,
Leader: Kay Soderstrom

1-3 grade - Life of Jesus
Location: Room 4,
Leader: Sue O’Banion

4-6 grade - God’s Care for Us
Location: Room 5,
Leader: Meghan O’Banion 

Jr. High and High School
Location: Room 2,
Leader: Samantha