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The Glory of the Gospel
    I have been blessed to talk to a lot of people about their relationship with God. Usually if I am out meeting people with the purpose of evangelizing, I will ask them a question, “do you think you are a good person?” Out of literally hundreds of people that I have talked to, I can count the number who have answered that question “no” on one hand. 
    People believe they are generally good. Now people are capable of amazing acts of kindness, and I personally love to witness those acts being played out. However, more specifically speaking, my question is more along the lines of, morally, do you think you are a good person. According to the standard of God, the 10 commandments, how do you measure up morally? Most again think they are doing pretty well.  
    I then begin to ask them have they ever lied, have they ever used God’s name in vain, have they ever desired their neighbors car or house? Essentially I am exposing them to the mirror of the law of God. If they are honest, and if we likewise are honest, we are not doing so well. In fact, if we are honest we are doing downright miserable, when it comes to obeying the law of God. 
    Nevertheless this sort of, kind of, for the most part, goodness, people are trusting in to be saved from the penalty of the law, and the God who gave the law, who’s standard is absolute perfection. God does not lower the bar simply because you and I are incapable of being perfect, nor does He judge on the curve, as long as we are better than most people. 
     No the bad news is we have broken the law of God, we cannot go back and right our wrongs, the only thing left for you and I to face is a Perfect God who will punish us because of imperfectly obeying His commands. 
Oh but there is good news indeed. Jesus Christ, who
came in the flesh, kept every single law of God perfectly and suffered and died for everyone of us who have broken that law. So every time we have told a lie, hated someone in our heart, every time we have broken God’s law, Jesus took the punishment on our behalf.
     Imagine you are in a court room, guilty of committing a crime, sentenced to death, with no hope. All of a sudden, One stands up on your behalf, acknowledges you are guilty, but is willing to take your penalty of death, and let you go free. Who would do such a thing? Jesus! Where can we find such unspeakable hope? The Gospel!
Chris Sanford