People are designed to be in community.
A consistent connection with a body of believers is likely the most important habit you can form for a deepening and meaningful spiritual life.
We hope that you are able to worship with us in person on Sunday mornings. But, we also know that it is not always possible.   
Please enjoy these past sermons from Christian Church of Midland 
Thanksgiving Sermons 2021
Psalm 103
Psalm 103
Jim O’Banion
Join us as Jim O’Banion leads us through the book of Romans.
Romans 1:1-15
Romans 1:16-17
  Romans 1:18-32 
Romans 2:1-11
Romans 2:12-15
Romans 2:17-29
Romans 3:9-26
Romans 3:27-31
Romans 4
Romans 5:1-5
Romans 5:6-11
Romans 5:12-21
Romans 6:1-14
Leonard Navarre
John 13
Scott Spies
Art McNeese
Acts 3