Truth Seekers

Ongoing Time: Tuesday 9:30 a.m.
Who Am I Becoming?
For a Christian, the answer to that question is the same as the answer to What is my purpose?  Or What’s my ultimate goal in life?  
The answer is:
To be like Jesus
God’s passion is to cultivate the virtues of Jesus in our lives so we become like him.  The Bible calls these virtues “fruit.”  Like the fruit on a tree, the fruit of our life can be seen and tasted by those around us.  For people to know who you are and whose you are, they start by tasting the fruit that is evident in your life.
What kind of fruit are you bearing?
In Be Like Jesus, Randy Frazee reveals how we must remain in commiunity with Christ so that the fruit we bear tastes good to others and points people to Jesus.  
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