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The first thing that you’ll notice when you visit us in person is how friendly, vibrant, and engaged in ministry we are.  Faith is important.  Love, grace, and forgiveness matter here.  Our love and faith overflow in Midland through our involvement in our schools, neighborhood, and community.

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Steven D. Knisley
CCM – Minister
I started teaching a high school class recently. To be honest, I like, no I love that class. The class is based upon the questions they have. The questions are great. They are challenging. Some of the questions that they have asked are questions that people have asked for hundreds of years. Some of the questions are question that their generation asks. I am not surprised because my generation had some questions that were important to us. I’m sure that your generation had some spiritual questions that were important to you.
The class has just a few ground rules. The first rule is that are no questions that are off limits. Second we will look honestly at what the Scripture says about the questions. We will discuss the topics freely. Finally, we will seek to find out how to apply the answers to our lives. Those are great rules for any class and any age group. What is impressive is that the class members – teenagers- came up with them.
Do you want to know some of the questions that they have asked so far? If I give some of them to you, will you honestly answer them? Will you think about them? Keep in mind these are some of the questions that your children and grand children are asking. In my opinion they are great questions. You know, if you think about these questions – you may be able to have a meaningful spiritual conversation with them. Wouldn’t that be great?
Here are some sample questions: 1. How do we know that the Bible is true and trustworthy? 2. Is there a difference between the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim God? 3. Why do we believe in Jesus – why is He different from other religious people? 4. What is wrong with same sex relationships? 5. Why is there violence/evil in the world? 6. If God is loving then why do
people suffer? 
Great questions aren’t they? This is just a sample of their questions. How would you answer them? Please don’t just say;
“I just believe it.” That won’t and shouldn’t fly! Do you have a teenage child or grandchild who would like to join us? Bring them on Wednesdays. We would love to answer some of their questions.
See You Sunday With a Friend,