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Steven D. Knisley
CCM – Minister

The Preacher’s Pen

I wish that I was more like Frank. I wish that many Christians were more like Frank. I loved Frank. He was so loyal – I miean the type of loyal that is rarely seen. I personally witnessed Frank put his life on the line in order to protect me. Amazingly, he didn’t give it a second thought. He just through his body in harms way so that I wouldn’t get hurt.
I have to admit that I often took Frank for granted. He loved to spend time with me. I loved spending time with him – that is – when I took the time to spend with him. It did not matter if I hadn’t paid much attention to him for days or weeks at a time – when I went to him he was glad to see me. He was excited.
Frank seemed to know just what I needed. He was there during my highs and lows. I remember when my grandfather died – Frank was there. One year later when my sister died – Frank was there. He didn’t want anything – he didn’t demand attention. I knew that he was hurting but he was more concerned about me than he was about himself.
Frank was there when I learned to ride my bike. He was there when I got my first car – and, after I wrecked that one – he was there when I got my second car. He was excited when I graduated High School. He stood on the front porch when I got in the car with my recruiter to leave for Basic Training.
I had great times with Frank. He went fishing with me. He went swimming with me. Frank stayed with me when I painted the fence early in the morning He stayed on the back porch when I mowed the yard – I don’t think that he liked the mower noise. Frank was loyal more loyal to me than I was to him.
You have probably figured out that Frank was my dog. I don’t know what kind of dog he wasa mixture of some sort – some people called him mutt. I really don’t know – and I don’t care – I just know that he was loyal. I wish I were more like him.
Please don’t get mad at me for saying this, but Frank is a great example of what Christians should be – loyal. How loyal are you, me, we to our Savior? He desires to spend time with you – do you desire to spend time with Him?
Consider your loyalty to your faith
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