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Living and Active 
     Hebrews 4:12 says the Word of God, the Bible, is living and active. It was relevant for the time that it was written, but most surprisingly the Bible is especially relevant for contemporary society. 
     There has never been a book that has undergone the scrutiny to which the Bible has been subjected to, moreover that has come forth justified in its claims outside of the Word of God. If the Bible is true in the claims that it makes, then how we live our day to day live diametrically changes. There are a whole host of evidences that verify the truth of the Bible. For the sake of space I will mention 3. 
     First the Bible predicts events hundreds and even thousands of years before they came to pass. One such event is the birth of King Cyrus of Assyria. Before 1947, Biblical skeptics believed that the Book of Isiah had 5 different, contributing authors. One of the main reasons is because Isaiah names a king by name in chapter 45, 200 years before Cyrus was born. Yet with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Isaiah was shown to have one author, and the skeptics were proven wrong. 
     The second reason I believe in the veracity of the Bible is the archeological evidence for the Word of God. Before 1876 skeptics mocked the Bible because it mentions a people group, the Hittites,  who, up to that time had not been discovered. In 1876 Hugo Winckler discovered a Hittite settlement, again verifying the claims of the Bible. 
       Lastly, I believe the Bible because of the internal consistently it contains. the Bible was written by 40 different authors, living on 3 different continents, over a span of 1500+ years. Nevertheless, Scripture contains one underlying theme. The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and God’s plan to redeem man back to Himself. 
     No other book makes the claims the Bible makes, and yet no other book has withstood the scrutiny that has been placed upon the Bible. Likewise no other book has the overwhelming evidence that testifies to the authenticity of Scripture compared to the Bible.
      Most do not believe the Bible, not because of the lack of evidence, or for other intellectual reasons. Most refuse to believe the Bible because it makes demands upon our lives, that we do not like and refuse to submit to. One preacher said it best, “the Bible does not contradict itself, it contradicts your life.” 
Chris Sanford